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Did you know that we have a robust local economy of flowers grown right here in Ontario?   I’m often surprised by the number of people who didn’t know that Ontario farms from Delhi, Jordon Station, and most of the Niagara area in general are producing world class quality flowers, and a lot of them show up locally in our florists and better grocery stores.   Here at MFT, we use product from over a dozen local farms, delivered directly to us from the green house, or field they were grown in.    Truly amazing!cut%20flower%20poster_image

More Fun from our Farms!

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2016 so far has brought us a Cornucopia of fun and innovative products from our farms.

New Gerbera and Mini Gerbera varieties- in bright Coral,

Delphiniums that look like Giant Hyacinths,

Enviously luxurious Celosia,

New Varieties of Daisies that are different shapes and colors,

New Varieties of Oriental and Asiatic Lily (the Edge?!),

Eucalyptus Spray (more Euc bang for the buck! ),

and better Leather Leaf than ever before!

And this is just to name a few.  Our farms are always working hard, investigating newer better “breeds of blooms”, and we work with them to make sure that every year, the ingredients in our special recipes reflect the changing tastes and expectations that the end customer is looking for.


Ontario Proud!

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We’re Loco For Locals!

Some of the most beautiful flowers are grown right here in our backyards…  Ontario has a vibrant floral palette, and we’re working hard to use all the different colors and varieties to highlight thIMG_3466em.  Gerberas , Lisianthus , Lilies, Celosia, Snapdragons , Delphinium, Calla Lilies, .  Don’t’ forget freesia, or Euphorbia, Yarrow, Asclepius– a natural butterfly feeder! Statice, wheat, setoria, matsumoto, and large gorgeous, sunflowers.


For more information on Local flowers, you can contact Pick Ontario,